Safety Policy

Safety Policy


It is the policy of Spectronate Limited to ensure that safety,  health and environmental requirements are planned and executed within the organization and form an integral  part our quality program.

The safety objectives are:

  1. Prevention of risk to human life and health ; human resource are the most important assets in connection with the organization’s activities.
  2. Preservation of environment.
  3. Preservation in lost time, damage to property, production loss and efficiency. This safety policy is implemented and controlled through a Safety Management System documented by the Safety Manual and associated procedures and instructions.

The Safety Management System concerns both:

Safety and health of Spectronate Limited personnel in it premises, including systematic improvement of working conditions.
Safety engineering based on prevention of hazards and risks to people, environment and property, in the course of designing structures, facilities and equipment or performing construction and installation works. assignment writer

Services provided by Spectronate Limited shall comply with all applicable laws and regulations, codes, standards and all contractual required and specifications. Safety is a general responsibility in our organization. Each Projects Manager is responsible for implementation and control of safety requirements throughout his project and work performance.

The Safety Manager is appointed on behalf of the Principal Directors to maintain and control the application of the Spectronate Limited safety policy and to audit the status and effectiveness of implementation of safety requirement in work execution.

All employees are responsible to ensure safety requirements within their own work, and they are required to make every effort to prevent injury and risks to themselves, other employees, equipment and products. All conditions are considered to have an adverse effect on quality, safety and environment shall be reported and corrected in a systematic manner.

Spectronate Limited management demonstrates its commitment to safety by developing a safety culture in the company through the strict compliance with safety requirements in the work, and through training, communication and feedback from employee.


Working Environment
An integral part of Spectronate Limited’s safety management is to develop a satisfactory working environment complying with national regulations meeting employees expectations. A good working environment promotes good health, job satisfaction, ethics, productivity and competitiveness. Systematic planning and supervision of the technical, ergonomic and occupational hazards are important factors leading to a safe and injury free working environment.our projects.