Our Services

Our Services

Our services include but are not limited to the following:


1. Architectural Design

Design of buildings and the co-ordination of other relevant professionals such as Structural engineer, Mechanical & Electrical engineer and Quantity surveyor e.t.c whom together produce the total construction documentation necessary.


 2. Building/Road Construction

Interpretation of working drawings on site which we have created or the construction of independent designs which the
client may request we construct.


 3. Road designs and construction

Re-surfacing to fresh construction, road paving with stone cubes of any forms, drainage and channels etc.


 4. Interior Architecture

This includes the fit-out of structures and all aspects of works relevant to create beautiful and functional interiors of offices,
residencies, other commercial buildings etc.


 5. Building Restoration and Maintenance

This involves bringing back to life old buildings and transforming them into modern structures. This could also involve structurally extending buildings horizontally or vertically.


 6. Consultancy

Rendering of professional advice as regards a building project. Our services have not only satisfied our clients but have brought a distinction between us and our contenders, symbolizing a distinguished status and honorary glory in the Nigerian housing industry.